Brookside Gardens with Boys! * Wheaton Regional Family Photographer

This lovely family and I met at Brookside Gardens for their portrait session before baby number three arrives! Open spaces and young boys means lots of running! We all got our exercise in that day, but I'm so happy, because being on the move often means lots of candid expressions. I hope you enjoy some of the images from their session. I particularly love the image of the little one touching mom's belly when they "all fell down" during Ring Around the Rosy!PrintBrookside_Gardens_Blog-0007Brookside_Gardens_Blog-0003Brookside_Gardens_Blog-00022Brookside_Gardens_Blog-0004Brookside_Gardens_Blog-0001Brookside_Gardens_Blog-0005Brookside_Gardens_Blog-00014Brookside_Gardens_Blog-0006Brookside_Gardens_Blog-00017PrintBrookside_Gardens_Blog-0009Brookside_Gardens_Blog-00020Print