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This amazing woman runs an office in Potomac and wanted flattering, casual headshots for her web site. I love stepping into independent business owners’ spaces and creating looks that give viewers a feel for not only who the owners are, but also what their businesses are about.

Valentine's Portraits in Lieu of Fall Holiday Pictures / DC Photographer

Last month I found myself buying my two elementary-school-aged children shoes, the week before school started! Despite having this on my to-do list for months, I waited until summer was over to accomplish this task! And, as you might expect, I wasn't alone in the shoe store. Fully aware of the rush I would face, I was still only truly moved to buy at the same time as everyone else!!

After years as a DC photographer, I've found that family portrait session purchases coincide with school shoes. :) Perhaps we all get to more than just shoes as the school year approaches and the promise of a consistent schedule calms our minds!

The popularity of colorful backdrops with fall leaves and greens for family holiday cards can not be denied. As we enter September, I have only two fall sessions remaining.

Because of this, I'm offering a new service this year. Valentine's Day family portrait mini-sessions!! An annual tradition for my own family, Valentine's portraits are perfect for those whom wouldn't mind avoiding the holiday-season rush. Instead of winter holiday cards, Valentine's photo cards offer a bit of cheer in dreary February -- brightening the mailboxes of friends and family that have long stopped receiving traditional holiday cards. I personally love Valentine's Day as it is synonymous with love, AND offers adorable styling options, too. :)

For the below session, we used tiny tattoos (stick on, of course!) to amp up the fun. If you would like to book a family Valentine's Day portrait session, contact the studio before November 15th to guarantee a slot and a special, mini-session price.

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