Working Out on the Job * First Birthday Family Portraits

I have to say, this one-year-old gave me a workout during our session! He had his nose pressed up against the front door window when I arrived (I've included a quick snapshot of that moment)! I thought he was waiting for me, but he was really waiting to get out. As soon as we were outside for our portrait session, he took off! Such a change from the sleepy baby he was during our newborn session. I had a blast listening to him chat "adadadada" while he tore through the neighborhood. And, he was too cute as he giggled and jiggled when we were putting his shoes on. I absolutely love this age, and this little guy is such a charmer. The first picture below may be one of my all-time favorites -- just look at that face! I wish I had some audio to share, too! I hope you enjoy these images from our session. wilson2PrintPrintPrintPrintPrintPrintPrintPrintPrint