Breakfast at the National Mall * DC Family Portrait Photographer

Somehow, amidst a summer full of 100+ degree weather, this family and I were lucky enough to have a gorgeous 60 degree Sunday morning for our photo session in DC. The family selected the Smithsonian Gardens at the National Mall for their photo shoot, and I was just thrilled. We found some beautiful spots and had lots of fun. Distracted by the beautiful backdrops and expert poses, I neglected to notice that their 3rd grader recently lost her front tooth! Oh my goodness, things change so quickly! I had just seen her in May for our last photo session! Of course, she looks as beautiful as always, and so does the rest of the family.  I'm enjoying looking through the images as I edit. I hope you enjoy some of the ones I've selected to post below. national_mall_child_photographernational_mall_photographernational_mall_family_photographernational_mall_portrait_photographernational_mall_family_photographer3national_mall_photographer2national_mall_abbey_road